Kristen Gregory is the smartest and the sportiest girl in the Pretty Committee , and at OCD. She is the best soccer player at OCD, as she is the captain of the girl's team called the Sirens.

She lives in an apartment, has a scholarship at OCD, and is considered "poor" by the PC (Pretty Committee), even though she is middle class. She is portrayed by Bridgit Mendler.


Kristen is considered the second nicest of the PC, after Claire. She isn't as rich as most of the PC are and the only reason she can go to OCD is because of a scholarship, which forces Kristen to work even harder for her straight A's.

Kristen is an obedient and good student, and one of her hobbies are crossword puzzles. There was also a time when she spoke using word jumbles. Another of Kristen's hobbies is soccer. She loves sports and is the captain of the OCD Sirens. She likes soccer so much that she even named her smart cat "Beckham" after the English player David Beckham.

She loves running and is the fastest in OCD. It is suspected that her favorite color is green, because her room is described as being accentuated with a lot of green decorations. She thrives so well in school that when the PC got expelled she got them back in by writing an essay.


Kristen is described as having dirty blond hair and aqua eyes that go navy when she's mad. She dresses in the dowdy church clothes that her mom makes her wear, but when in public, she changes into something cooler or sexier, usually a PC hand-me-down.

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